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cobvolutex-a stunner of dark magic by narciso. Only Ralph L knows what it means.
JOM - Just One Minute, Tom Maguire's blog at
Top Men, Duke & Duke, Fnork, GOPe - The Republican establishment
Cuban Combover, Senator Dondi - Marco Rubio[1]
Typhuspad - The blog hosting software Typepad's nickname at JOM
LUN - Link Under Name - used to indicate when a commenter has provided a link in the Name box below their comment
Zuckerberg Data Mining Inc - Facebook
18 Credits - Brian Williams
Restraining Order - Sherrod Brown
Tingles, Tweety - Chris Matthews
Forrest Gump - Eric Cantor
SkyDragon - the mythical beast of A(nthropogenic)G(lobal)W(arming), which will drown coastlines, create scirocco like superstorms, blacken the skies with wasps, those are some of the newer manifestations,
JEF, 404, Bozo, Zero, The Won, Jughead, The Light Bringer, Bammy, Obambi, Zippy the Pinhead, - Barack Obama
Miss Lindsey - the Senator from South Carolina
Aunt Zeituni - Barack Obama's purported Aunt who illegally residing in a housing project in Massachusetts
Uncle Stinky, Drunkle - Barack Obama's purported Uncle who has been illegally residing in Massachusetts for a long time
Children of the Cornhole - Writers for The New Republic
(alleged) child molester, pederast, Dingy Harry, The Searchlight Pederast - Harry Reid
Chinless (mumbler), Stedman - Eric Holder
Chinless (opthalmologist) - Bashar Assad
Clenis, the Cigar Shover, Slick - Bill Clinton
Don Corzione - Jon Corzine
ManBearPig, the Goracle - Al Gore
Muffer Stalin-Rodham, Red Witch, Cankles, HMS Pantsuit, Curb Dive - Hillary Clinton
Dr Evil - Steve Schmidt
The Solon/Sage of Scranton, Slow Joe - Joe Biden
Egg McMuffin, MacGuffin - Evan McMullin
Norma Desmond -  Nicole Wallace
Scottie Centerfold -Scott Brown
Intern Killer; Scarred Burro - Joe Scarborough
The Maine twins - Snowe and Collins
Shemp - Shepherd Smith
Pravda TV- PBS
Sta-Puft, Fat boy ,Kristy/Christie Kreme,Fat RINO Bastard - Chris Christie
Poppin' Fresh - Hot Air 's 'Captain' Ed Ed Morrissey
Carlos Slim's Dancing Chimps - NY Times staff and editors

Monkey Boy - David Gregory

Twitch - Former Ohio governor Ted Strickland

Lackwitz Sisters - White, 18-29, HS or some college earning less than $2K per month.

Positive ID can be determined by the presence of eagle feathers but a firmly clutched iphone in combination with a slightly slack jaw is considered dispositive by many watchers.

They are typically netted using emo bait in even numbered years, used once in early November and then discarded. -- description JOMed by Rick Ballard 2.7.2014

TCFAB! - This Calls for a Beer
FTSAH - For Those Scoring at Home

HMBAWT - Hold My Beer and Watch This

K-Pork - Kathleen Parker
Adultery of the Heart - Jimmy Carter
New Phyllis Diller - Jane Harman
Eddie Munster - Paul Ryan
Mayor Bane - Bill DeBlasio a.k.a. Warren Wilhelm
Elmer Fudd - Jeff Sessions
============= - What Kim writes at the end of her comments to signal to sbw that she is Kim without, you know, actually writing "Kim" in the Posted by location because that space is used for a second comment. Other people know enough to know it’s Kim, but sbw is old and sometimes forgets. :-) -- added by sbw, not Hit.
JATFI - Just As The Founders Intended
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